An absolute must for all Manilow fans, this great collection features 53 of his best songs, divided chronologically by album, with Barry's personal insights on each release.


* Could It Be Magic
* I Am Your Child
* Sweet Life
* It's A Miracle
* Mandy
* Bandstand Boogie
* Beautiful Music
* I Write The Songs
* New York City Rhythm
* Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
* All The Time
* Daybreak
* Jump Shout Boogie
* Looks Like We Made It
* This One's For You
* Weekend New England
* It's Just Another New Year's Eve
* Lay Me Down
* Can't Smile Without You
* Copacabana (At The Copa)
* Even Now
* I Was A Fool (To Let You Go)
* Somewhere In The Night
* I Don't Want To Walk Without You
* One Voice
* Ships
* When I Wanted You
* I Made It Through The Rain
* If I Should Love Again
* No Other Love
* The Old Songs
* Somewhere Down The Road
* Memory
* Some Kind Of Friend
* Paradise Cafe
* When October Goes
* Man Wanted
* Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again)
* Brooklyn Blues
* Keep Eachother Warm
* Please Don't Be Scared
* Read 'em And Weep
* Ready To Take A Chance Again
* Because It's Christams (For All The Children)
* Just Remember
* When The Meadow Was Bloomin'
* The Best Of Me
* Let Freedom Ring
* Let Me Be Your Wings
* Soon
* Singin' With The Big Bands
* Where Does The Time Go

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